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There are three requirements for the engine to work, the fuel system, the ignition system (petrol engine), and there is sufficient compression in the combustion chamber. On a basic automotive engine, either two-stroke or four-stroke, will work with combustion. combustion occurs due to a combination of fuel (gas or diesel) and air in its cylinder(s). Compression in the combustion chamber is generated by a moving piston to compress air and fuel inside the engine cylinder.

Fuel and compressed air inside the engine combustion chamber is ignited by a spark plugs attached to each cylinder walls and then burning air and fuel in the cylinder respectively. Spark plug wires attached to the receiving electrical current (high voltage electrical , about 12,000 volts) from the car electrical system. This electric current, or fire, is what started the combustion in the engine.

The strength of the combustion engine is what gives strength to the engine to move piston engine which connected to the engine crankshaft, which in turn is connected to the vehicle via a transmission and driveshaft and ultimately to the wheels of the vehicle.