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Engine Warning Light Indicator
When the Engine Warning Light Indicator (check engine indicator)  soon light illuminates on your dash, it means that electronic control unit on your car recognizes that there is an electronic system or sensor(s) failure. This indicates a problem, and the computer tries to compensate for that problem and keep the car running as close to normal as possible and it also known as "down-grade mode".

A Peugeot Planet System
Diagnostic Computer
Usually you will be able to feel a noticeable difference in the performance of your car. When this Engine Warning Light Indicator soon light flashes you should  check your car to your trusted repair workshop for a diagnosis and repair. But if it can't be done, imediately pull over safely tour car and shut the engine off.  Then call your trusted repair workshop  to towed your car. Flashes on Engine Warning Light Indicator  light is related to electronic system failure. To figure out about the problem, your trusted repair workshop uses a diagnostic computer.